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Uttarakhand Calamity: UPA & Media Naatak (Dr Subramanian Swamy)
the Soap Opera Continues

Courtesy: Subramanian, Kalakad

Uttarakhand Calamity: UPA & Media Naatak (Dr Subramanian Swamy)

Uttarakhand Calamity: Four choppers for Sonia's Rajasthan trip,

but shortage of choppers to rescue people

those who doubt the authenticity of the image:


Dr. Subramanian Swamy:

Uttarakhand Calamity Facts:

1) Uttarakhand CM off to Switzerland.

2) RG (Rahul) was celebrating in Sweden/Spain. (see pic below)

3) MMS/Sonia aerial survey costs vital rescue hours as entire air traffic is halted for hours.

4) Khurshid visiting Iraq with hundreds of thousands of Crores (dollars) in aid, Bharat Nirman ads run in hundreds of crores but this devastating calamity is allocated mere 1000 Crores.

5) Four choppers for Sonia's Rajasthan trip, but shortage of choppers to rescue people.

6) People asked to donate to PM fund even while available supplies lay undistributed.

7) Complete government machinery failure. Only hope being the Army, the RSS, Baba Ramdev and other such local volunteers.

All of this while thousands are dying of hunger - and then this Manish Tiwary has the audacity to come on national TV and say "This is not the time to point fingers"!

Well yes, after this is over you will wash away your failures with some match fixing or movie star suicide case.

Just the way you did with Coal/Chopper scam.

So when will it be really OK for people of India to point fingers at your government sir?

Dr Subramanian Swamy

The truth about rescue by Modi.

15000 people rescued by Modi and his disaster relief team were not just Gujaratis as propagated by the paid media. They were from all the states of India.

The *gujarati only rescue* lie was added by the media houses on madam's instructions.

The motive of paid media was: - to show Modi as a narrow minded local leader who can't think beyond his state who discriminates between Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis.

Nothing could be far from the truth so someone had to come out and say this when it's clear that our people are buying this media lie.

Narendra Modi who in his childhood too has helped many people in natural disasters, today again he visited Uttrakhand with his team who are trained abroad in rescue operations and he wont go for air ride in helicopter but will be working as foot soldier.

Gujarat state govt has 2 helicopters and both are being used in rescue operations since day one along with helicopters of Goa and Madhya Pradesh govt.

Dear all, Never trust the media news on the first go. look around, hear from real people, then arrive at a conclusion. Feel free to spread the word. Here's a testimony to that:

Media and UPA Naatak:

Here is one more fact for the gullible public (naatak):

The Uttarakhand relief trucks were ready 3 days before - But madam said wait for my baba to return from Spain to flag off the material. (see pic)

The fact that while the cricketers who won the Champions Trophy on Monday had been given a reward of Rs 1 crore each, the relatives of the armed forces personnel who perished in the helicopter crash on Tuesday while on a rescue mission in Uttarakhand will be paid a measly Rs 15 lakh in com

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