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Excellence :~ What is our personal ‘North’?

Courtesy: Raj the Guru, Trainers forum

Excellence :~ What is our personal ‘North’?

Are You in Alignment with Your True North?

What is our personal ‘North’? Do we know where we stand in relation to our true North? When we identify North on a compass our direction becomes clear, because naturally we come to know South, East and West. If we know our North:- our truth, purpose and vocation in life, then we will find that the rest of our life will slot into place. If we are not happy in what we are doing, then we are probably someone who is still searching. We know that our internal compass is set in the right place when there is no mis-match between our thinking, feeling, saying and doing. That is when our values, purpose and actions are all in alignment.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our success is usually measured not by how much we have to offer, how much joy we emanate, or how much personal satisfaction we feel, but rather by our monetary income, financial net worth and status. It doesn’t matter how many degrees, diplomas, certificates or credentials someone may have, they will still be judged on their income rather than their personal merits. The reverse is also true, that if someone does not have a formal education they may not even display morals, and yet if they are earning a high income they will still be admired.

If we look beyond the purely material manifestation of wealth we will see that the head and heart need to be aligned with spiritual principles and values. Then wealth and other forms of support automatically arrive to co-operate with us in our work and life. When we love what we do, then we become energized by that work which creates a magnetic energy that can attract, capture and engage others. However, if we truly believe that we are following our ‘calling’, and there is still something not working, then check; are we truly in alignment with our purpose or is there something missing? For example, do we have self-respect, or an underlying belief in the self that allows us to receive what we deserve? Are we really being as honest as we would like to think that we are?

To get to this desired place of alignment, which brings with it success and satisfaction, we may have to take some risks and renounce old patterns of thinking and being. We may have to leave the security of our luxurious comfort zone and regular pay packet and venture into new territory. We will definitely have to give up thinking about what others may think of us, especially if ‘living our truth’ means going against being concerned about what society considers normal and mainstream.

Why is it so important that we live by our values? Is it simply because we think it is right and therefore the best thing to do? Living a life with values is what makes life worth living, and it gives us a sense of real purpose and satisfaction. Following our true ‘North’ makes us feel at peace with our inner self, our outer life, and with those around us. This puts us in control of our lives and our own destiny and it can create an atmosphere that inspires others. Fear may ride in and bring doubt, making us question our judgment and choices. But, if we stay focused and trust our internal navigation system, then we will get to our true destination.

We may not even need to leave our desks in order to feel better. We may just need to change our mindset, and believe that we do have the power to transform our experience of life by choosing what we focus on. Whether we feel trapped, or we feel uplifted by our work, it is in reality our choice.

Even if you cannot achieve all of the above, at least you can choose to stay happy. Practice feeling good and thankful about your work even if it’s not what you want to be doing right now, and trust that the job you are looking for will cross your path.

It’s Time… to align our thoughts, feelings, words, speech and actions. When we follow our individual true North, we will bring our self back into a natural state of well-being and happiness. We just need to keep checking our own compass!

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