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Ebook on "Go Samrakshanam" [Cow Protection]
Kanchi Paramacharya Community

Courtesy: Raman, Kalakad

Kanchi Paramacharya Community - Ebook on "Go Samrakshanam" [Cow Protection]

Hari Om!

On this auspicious day of Anusham, with the blessings of Sri Kanchi Mahaswami, we are pleased to bring you our Third E-book titled “Go Samrakshanam” [Cow Protection] from the Kanchi Paramacharya Community on Facebook

This is a group dedicated to spread the life and teachings of His Holiness Sri Kanchi Paramacharya, more affectionately known to His devotees as Sri Maha Periyava. The Community is also on Google+

Just look for Kanchi Mahaswami on Google+, add us to your circles and join the family of 550 devotees of the Mahaswami to receive the Gems of Paramacharya in your mailbox every morning.

In this E-book, we bring you the extract of Sri Maha Periyava’s Upadesam on ‘Go Samrakshanam’ - Protection of Cows. As you will read from the Ebook, the Mahaswami has divinely addressed every argument that one can think about on why the holy animal must be protected and why cruelty to the cow is a great sin. Sri Maha Periva loved cows and in this E-book we also bring you a couple of incidents which happened at the Sri Matam surrounded around the sacred animal.

The Paramacharaya in his discourses stresses the need for all sections of the society to come together to prevent the slaughtering of cows. We hope this E-book will be an eye opener for readers. If you find this E-book interesting, we request you to forward this to all your friends, relatives and other devotees of the Mahaswami.

Link to download the ebook:

Please note that once the file opens up in Google, you can save it to your local drive and view it at your convenience. The photos and layouts look better in a local copy, rather than the online version rendered by Google.

We humbly submit our Third E-book at the Lotus Feet of Sri Maha Periyava, seeking His blessings and guidance to continue to spread His Light far and wide.

Any feedback may be sent to us at


Kanchi Paramacharya Community

Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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