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அழகி மென்பொருள்
Tamil-English bilingual webmagazine dedicated to education of the masses through E-books, articles, worldwide informations, Slideshows,
Presentations on various subjects, photographs and images, moral and objective oriented stories and Lectures including audio and video

Internet Links


Meet Sundar Pichai Indian who is heading Google Android click the link and read the success story of this bright Indian technocrat....

a moral story takenout from the collections of Swami Sathya Sai 's articles site , is posted in my site for you to read and share... pl click the link and see...


Now we are launched the new page for K.J.Yesudas. you can now download K.J.Yesudas collections for free.

Message for the day ...from Mahaperiavar is linked up and posted in my blog site may like to click the link above and see.

what is "ungoogleable ?".... pl click the link above and read further on this interesting story...

World"s best music is right here click the link and hear ...

an amazing art work in the form pf photo manipulation ....truly creative click the link and see...

a thought provoking story on the richness of our vedic studies and slokas paving way for many scientific inventions is posted in my site today....

pl click the link above and read.... and dont forget to share ithe inf. with your loved ones ....

an amazing photo picture with an unique view is made available in my blog may like to click the link and see...and share too..

In a village at south west china , most of the residents are short built.... their height ranging from 0.8 m to 1.4m .....a story on this village is posted in my site... you may like to see//

Watch this Magic behind Magic with a simple click on the above link !!!!! is truly revealing and educative....dont do share with your friends is in the interest of everybody ...

If I see one more article or blog post about how you should never be "critical" or "negative" when giving feedback to an employee or colleague (or, for that matter, your children), I think my head will explode. It's incredibly frustrating. This kind of advice is surely well meant, and it certainly sounds good. After all, you probably don't relish the thought of having to tell someone else what they are doing wrong — at minimum, it's a little embarrassing for everyone involved.

Worth a watch

a message in public interest is linked up and posted in my blog click the link and see... and also share with your kith and kins...

some good jokes for weekend click the link and start laughing....

Message for the Day..... What is in store for us in this VIJAYA Varusham ? click the link and read... also share with your loved ones...

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