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but where is the remaining Rs. 99/-?

Courtesy: AVR, Chennai


In Lok Sabha, a congress MP during his speech told a story.....

"There was a father who gave 100 rupees each to his 3 sons

and asked them to buy things and fill up a room completely.

First son bought hay for Rs. 100 but couldn't fill the room entirely.

Second son bought cotton for Rs. 100 but couldn't fill the room entirely.

Third son bought a candle for Rs. 1 and lit it up and the room was filled with light completely."

The same Congress MP added:-

"Our Prime Minister is like the third son. Since the day he has taken charge of his office, our country is filled with the bright light of prosperity"

A voice from the back bench asked:

"Woh sab toh theek hai (That's all very good) ...but where is the remaining Rs. 99/-?"

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