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self actualisation ...! - based on my recent speech in Probus Club (for Senior Citizens)

Courtesy: Bala, chennai

There is an expression by Shri Khushwant Singh on this :

"Sab Kuch Paa liya tujhe paa kar ...utae nahin haath mere iss dua kae bath...!"Means After you have got/accomplished/achieved everything, you do not ask/pray for anything more. There is a state of fulfillment/content-feel in the mind. Also the stage of 'unattached' - surely not a saint or sanyasi.

At this stage, we can still do something useful(usefully occupied) but without any target/pressure on our-self.

It is said that :

Unused machinery gets rusted

Unused time dies

Unused money devalues

Unused potential decays

Unused knowledge becomes a burden

What is not used is abused...!

Therefore even in the self-actualization stage, we can perform, do something - but without any disappointment/expectation/without looking for recognition It is like the Donkey-The Guru - stage.

Donkey carries the dirty clothes in the morning and carries the cleaned ones in the evening - but the facial expression remains the same.Means - happiness, sadness, success, failure, satisfaction, disappointment - it has no meaning at a stage. We get liberated from all these.Many may question whether it is practically possible. Yes it is...! We can take the example of Ratan Tata, Narayanamoorthy..!

Generally people get into spiritual or social activities.

Spiritual - could be attending Bhajan concerts, visiting temples, pilgrimage,doing pooja at home, participating and contributing in Annadhan etc, Some even get into reading of spiritual books, giving discourses, become alternative therapy masters (free service), heal people, become yoga masters etc.When it is Social - they get into NGOs as Volunteers - in orphanages, homes etc.In short - people get into Bakthi marg, or Karma marg....and the journey continues. It is surely better to avoid watching soaps, TV news etc - after deciding to take a turn in the journey.

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