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Quotes of some succesful CEOs

Courtesy: R.Vijayaragavan, Coimbatore

Quotes of some successful CEOs enclosed.

Ashok Soota, MindTree Consulting

1.Happy people lead to happy customers

2.Build Value into Performance Management system

3.It is the Values that keep the people together at difficult times.

4.Culture drives behavior, and behavior drives results.

5.95% of the people must have 95% of all information, 95% of the time.

Subir Raha,ONGC

1.We decided to achieve what we had done in 45 years, in the next 20 years.

2.The challenge for the CEO is to establish true credibility

3.Decentralise and Delegate Authority

4.Developing internal capacity is essential

5.You have to conquer the unknown, break the status quo and own up risk.

Morgen Witzel, Editor in chief of Corporate Finance Review

1.Image and substance are required to create a salient Brand.

2.Human mind tends to discard or dissociate bad experiences, while fastening on to good ones.

3.In the long run, whether a Brand lives or dies depends on how well consumers recognize and remember it.

Prof.Vijay Govindrajan

The US and Europe are congested and highly contested Markets. In China and India, there is still virgin territory. As Markets and sources of ideas and innovation, they need to be taken seriously.

Hermann Simon & H.Ramanan

1.Successful companies, depending on their core competency, constantly innovate.

2.If a company chooses Globalization as a growth vehicle, a broad & sustained approach is essential.

3.Hidden Champions always develop experienced Teams, who are often willing to relocate.

Roger W.Schmenner

1.The service process needs to be synchronized with the service task and the service standards so that the service encounter remains pleasurable for all concerned.

2.The service task is always defined with reference to the Customer.

3.Well defined services stand a better chance of making money.

Nigel Nicholson London Business school

1.We can do away with the formal structures of Hierarchy but cannot remove Informal orders of Power.

2.Human instinct is always driven by face to face experiences rather than dispassionate data crunches.

3.Memory is unreliable, reconstructive and active.

4.There are usually 4 Leadership styles: Dominant bosses, Ambitious Professionals, Informal influencers and Reluctant Leaders.

Peter Drucker

All results are on the outside. The inside is only about cost and effort.

De Bono

Organisations that focused on Value creation did well while those that concentrated on competition fared badly.

Max de Pree

The first responsibility of a Leader is to define reality. The last is to say Thank you. In between, the Leader is the servant.

Jamshed Irani

Say what you think, do what you say: let everyone experience that it is so.

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