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Cricket of life

Courtesy: Debadarshi senguptha, trainers forum

The game of cricket has many metaphors with our lives!

1.A straight bat works most of the times and so does an honest approach!

2. Innovation and calculated risk taking maybe inherent needs of the hour! The runs dried up yesterday till Jadeja and Dhoni hit the ball in the air and played some innovative and risky shots!

3. Technique should not be the master! U should be the master of technique! A great lesson for people who bother too much about efficiencies rather than focus on effectiveness! Sanjay Manjrekar failed as a batsman even though he was technically better than Sachin Tendulkar! Sachin succeeded as he innovated and created shots like the 'upper cut' and 'paddle sweep', all of which gets u runs! Runs=effectiveness

4. Fearlessness of Shikhar Dhawan which enabled him to play his natural game and score the fastest hundred! When opportunity knocks at your door, U take it with all guns blazing and don't hold back! Important to remember 'basics' though and that's what Dhawan did!

5. Failure of Sehwag- Sehwag by nature is a simpleton and believes in aggressive cricket! When too much of analysis by paralysis happens with such players, they fail! Guide people according to their natural strengths,make them further their strengths than focus only on the area of developments.

6. Success of Murali Vijay-How a naturally aggressive player can tone down his instincts basis the situation! Self change is important according to the situation. Flexibility of approach ensures success

7. Success of Ravindra Jadeja- Grit,consistency,despite several setbacks ensures victory! Its not the number of times u fall, but the number of times u get up that defines you.

8. MS Dhoni- Among the many lessons to learn from the man,one notices how he has changed his approach in this series which would have been his last as a captain had India lost! He has taken the bull by the horns and has led by example,scoring extremely fast and taking the game away from the opposition! The biggest lesson from the man is 'emotional intelligence'! Whether its not getting ruffled despite not being able to get the Australian tail out to finishing things with apparent ease! What I like the most is that, even after a victory, he is 'calm' and not over reactive! A perfect balance struck of emotions despite victory or failures!

Look deeper, there are so many things to learn from everyday occurrences! A 'still' mind does it easily like our skipper Dhoni!

Best Regards

Debadarshi Sengupta

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