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Ramanujan's magic square

Courtesy: T.Sankaranarayanan,kalakad

Ramanujan, the great Indian Mathematician had a very great fascination for numbers. Once Dr. Hardy wanted to meet him, when R was in the hospital at London, in a delirium condition. Dr Hardy was rushing in his car, which was being obstructed by another car which was going just in front of his car.

At last he could reach the hospital only late. He was apologistic & he was scolding the particular number, which he saw in number plate of the car in front. He murmered "the dull, idiot number" repeatedly: whereupon R asked him what the number was. H. replied 1729. R reacted saying it is perhaps the most fascinating number perhaps; requested H not to call it dull.

Explanation: This number is the least positive integer which can be expressed in two different ways as the sum of cubes of two integers.

THE cube of 10 is 10*10*10=1000. The cube of 9 is 9*9*9=729. Adding, 1000+729=1729. In a similar way, The cube of 12+ the cube of 1 will make 1729. This particular number 1729 is known as RAMANUJAN NUMBER.

T. Sankaranarayanan.

Ramanujan's magic square! - Courtesy: AVR, Chennai

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