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Ambasamudram to America

Courtesy: Mani, Kalakad

Shared from Facebook.

Ambasamudram to America - Yes. Its a true story.

Kizha Ambur Near Ambasamudram is my Native. Currently I am living in Ashburn, Virginia - near the washington DC area. I came to America 15 years ago. Now I am running a technology job site called (Formerly

We help 1000's of technology professionals to find a job in US everyday. Around 40,000 jobs are posted every month. We are reaching over 2 million tech professionals in a year. Now expanding in India as well as globally. Our goal is to create a global tech community and help job seekers to find jobs locally and globally.

Friends, please share and refer your friends to post their resume at our site Please remember hard work always pays off, one way or other, now or later. Never give up.

I am proud to be a Tirunelvelian.

Prabakaran Murugaiah

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