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Simple Lesson

Courtesy: Shad, trainers forum

Eagles don't flock!

Eagle & lion are the only two species which are really born as leaders. Lion is neither faster than leopard nor bigger than elephant or quick as panther or beautiful like deer or taller like Giraffe or cunning like fox but despite all these fallacies he still rules the jungle!

Similarly, eagle isn't as beautiful like peacock or big like vulture or quick like crow or faster as humming bird or agile as sparrow but still rules the sky!

Hence, we are by God's grace fortunate that we all are born with many weakness as lion & eagle are! We must celebrate these weaknesses which ensures that we all can become a good leader like lion or eagle! To become leader, all you need is to have a strong "will power" which must be coupled with confidence that you'll come out with flying colours...that's the will lion has while he attacks elephant which is more than 5 times bigger than his own size! Despite of all strength viz., huge body & more power elephant bows down just because of loosing of confidence...fear at his heart. So big isn't good as a small can be..

One of the best way to learn Leadership from these two small but most powerful creatures of the world !This is what I narrated two days ago in a management institute...


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