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Real story of "Unity in Diversity"


Dear Muslim, Hindu and Christian Kalakkadars,

On this Holy Day of Muslims, as a Hindu Brahmin Man, I would like wish ever Muslim Kalakkadars, "EID MUBARAK". It is very appropriate on this day to submit a real story of Kalakkad, which happened in my family.

As I have already introduced, I am the second grand son for the eldest daughter of Kalakkad (Pannai) Sathyavageeswara Iyer, whose house, is a Kalyana Mandapam, in Big Street now.

My mother, H. Sarada, is 86 years old and got married at the age of 15. This means that her marriage was conducted around 71 years back.

Sri. Sathyavageeswara Iyer, my grand father had a intimate Muslim friend and his name was "Mastan Saheeb" (this how my mother and others called him). He was a poor muslim grocery seller. One day, when my mother was 8 years old (ie., around 78 years back), he came to my grand father and told him that he wants to go to Ceylon, where business prospects were very good and he can earn well and look after his family well. He also told his inability to go as he doesn't have enough money for purchase groceries and for the trip. My grandfather gave some money to help him as an intimate friend and for betterment of his family welfare. He went to Ceylon and was regularly in touch with my Grand father and his family. He used to inform that he is doing well and finding no time to leave business and to come to Kalakkad to see his family.

In the mean time my mother's marriage was finalized and my grandfather insisted that Mustan Saheeb should come in person to attend. Respected Mastan Saheeb, came back as a very rich man. He also attended my mother's marriage and spent lavishly, most of the expenses by conducting the marriage in a grand manner. He also informed the public that whatever the richness he got is only because of the help rendered by my grand father on the day of his request. He respected my family and my grand father till his end and attended every function after my mother's marriage.

This is a real story, told by mother who is alive today. If any one who know about this family and anything more in addition may welcome to add.

Hindu and Muslims were so united, and this real story reveals the unity in diversity of Great Kalakkad!

Ravi Hariharan

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