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Courtesy: AVR Chennai

Your Facebook Friend Can Harm Your Career, Check How!

Facebook can be a very good tool for you to be in contact with your friends’ every day. You can stay in touch with each other even when you are far away from each other. The best part having an account in the Facebook is that, it helps you to get connected with a long time friend who was not in touch from so many years.

In spite of having these many advantages, there might be a same amount of disadvantages that you can face by having a Facebook account. One among those kinds of disadvantages is that, your Facebook friend might harm your career in a very bad way if you are not careful about that and when that happens you might wonder how that could have happened. If you are curious to know in what ways your Facebook friend might harm your career, here are few important ways you need to be careful upon your Facebook account, as reported by Stephen Cook on the Helium website.

Many people have the habit of leaving their Facebook profiles without any security. So, this can be an advantage even for your employer because, even if you are not connected with your boss directly on Facebook, they could have all the chances of checking out who your friends are. Profile picture on the Facebook matters a lot, it might be your own profile picture or it can be one of your friend’s profile pictures.

So, be careful while selecting the profile picture or have a look at the profile picture your friends have on their account because inappropriate profile pictures might make the hiring manager or your employer think upon the bad friends circle you have and they would also think that you might be just acting professionally during the time you spend in the office and your are crazy person during the weekends by partying with a bad friends circle. This type of thought has all the chances of harming your career as your boss would have developed a kind of suspicious attitude towards you.

Apart from the profile pictures, be careful about what your friends post on your wall. If you have accepted your employer as a friend on the Facebook, then they can easily check out what your friends have posted on your wall. Well, then even this will become a matter of trustworthiness when they see some inappropriate things over there. Even posting unrelated rumors about your personal or professional life by your friends might harm your career in a very big way all together. Posting anything which contains double meaning in it can also harm your career.

Sometimes your friends can tag you in a picture that can look nasty. Apart from looking after what your friends might do on your profile, even you need to be very careful while you post something on your profile. The only thing you need to understand is that, you cannot control your friends in the same way you control yourself. So, have a good thought before accepting any friend request in the future because if your reputation is trashed once, then it can never ever be changed in the future. So, select friends on Facebook who can be trusted upon in the future, with a bit of commonsense and smartness.

source: siliconindia news net

kindly handle face book with care and smartness.

Courtesy: K. Natarajan

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