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Words of a gentleman?

Courtesy: PK, Trainers forum

I suppose this is the digital world’s influence.

When we did not have mobiles we wished so much for this kind of facility and now we are having a hard time living with it.

I can see the modern person is very comfortable with this new facility but it is having a profound influence on the character build-up. The specific changes that I have noticed are:

1) Impatience – everything is expected instantly. The world is at the other end, ready to serve us life on a platter. Just “order”. Additionally the easy connects keep them over-connected with so many things that there is never time enough.

2) No need to remember – everything can be confirmed or asked by ringing up; regardless if it disturbs the other guy. We now live an international 24 hour time frame. If the other person has given out a mobile number, it is assumed that he expects to be called.

3) Impersonalising – There is no more the sense of dealing with “people”. Everything is just a few characters on a small screen or a voice from far away in their hand-box. Emotions have no more any importance in relationships.

4) Fibbing – Everywhere, in private or public I get to hear open “fibbing” like – “I am in Chandigarh, I’ll talk to you when I return”; “I am driving now, call you later”; “your check has left my office…”; “ I cant hear you properly…”

5) Listening and attention span – if by any chance we meet, the effort of paying attention and communicating is too much. You can see the pain they are going through to having to pay attentions to things like spoken words, moods of the person, sitting still etc.

And even if you manage to make them pay attention to you for long enough, the auto-erase function in their memories promptly wipes out the meeting/conversation as soon as you are out of their sight.

In short, I would say that this digital communicating has totally got the people exclusively focused on their demands/needs and the little effort that would be needed to get by to satisfy them.

There is no more any sense of shame, commitment or gratitude.

In India we have stopped even expecting ever to meet basically honest younger people – the “fibbing” character has totally taken over. There is simply no sense of integrity in their speech and act and absolutely no reliability on their promises.

I wonder if anyone even remembers the term “Words of a gentleman”?

In the last two years I have invited home young travellers from Europe that I met offhand here. The thing I noticed that they did not consider it as a favor done to them. They took it as a matter of fact of life. There was no sense of "gratitude" as my wife says for the hand in friendship and hospitality accorded.

And when my wife says something, I pay attention.

Thanks and Regards

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