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Fox and Lion

Courtesy: Passion HR

'What an astonishing sight!' cried a Monk. In a desert place he had come across a fox that had no feet or legs.

'How can it possibly live?' he wondered, 'for it looks healthy enough.'

Then he jumped behind a rock in terror. A lion had come upon the scene.

The lion had killed a jackal. It dropped the carcass near the fox, ate its fill, and then went off, leaving bits of the meat behind. Quickly the fox ate the lot.

'Even more astonishing!' gasped the Monk. He couldn't believe what he had seen so next day he came out into the desert and again hid behind the rock. The same thing happened. The lion appeared with a freshly killed jackal, ate what it wanted, leaving portions of the meat for the fox to finish.

'It's a sign from God!' the Monk said. 'From now on I, too, will rely, like the fox, upon the generosity of the Creator. He found himself a dark corner against a wall and settled to wait.

'God will provide,' he said to himself.

He sat there for several days and neither friend nor stranger went near him. More days passed. He grew thinner and thinner until his veins and skin were stretched like harp strings on his bony frame.

At length, when he was almost too weak to move, a holy man stood before him and enquired what the matter was?

The Monk poured out his story. 'Now tell me,' he said when he had finished, 'surely that was a sin from God?'

'Of course it was,' replied the holy man, 'but how could you be such an idiot?

Why didn't you see that you were supposed to imitate not the fox but the lion?'

D. Kumar
HR Manager
Career Architect
Business coach
Positive energy facilitator
Constant Motivator

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