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My Name is .....I am called GOSSIP

Courtesy: Vasantha, Chennai

I have no respect for justice.
I break hearts and ruin lives.
I am cunning, malicious and
gather strength with age.
The more I am quoted,
the more I am believed.
I flourish at every level of society.
My victims are helpless.
They cannot protect themselves
against me because I have no
name and no face.
To track me down is impossible.
The harder you try, the more
elusive I become.
I am nobody's friend.
Once I tarnish a reputation, it is
never the same.
I topple governments and wreck
I ruin careers and cause sleepless
nights, heartaches and indigestion.
I spawn suspicion and generate
I make innocent people cry in
their pillows.
Even my name hisses.
I am called GOSSIP.
Office gossip
Shop gossip
Party gossip
Telephone gossip
I make headlines and headaches.
REMEMBER, when you repeat a
story, ask yourself:
is it true?
Is it fair?
Is it necessary?
If not, do not repeat it.

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