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Life for 45+

Courtesy: Max babi, trainers forum

I strongly feel there are very few among us who would have such a deep understanding of life - because we are so busy 'making a life' we forget to live.

As for the average man, Anton Chekhov the Russian author had penned a wonderful short story.

A king was pleased with one of his ordinary servants and wanted to reward him. Knowing well how greedy he was, and mostly a nuisance to the courtiers, he told him to go out and start running the next morning. He would be the owner of land, as much as he could cover by running from sun up to sun down.

The man started running, and after an hour of running though he was sweating profusely, he felt he had barely covered any noticeable distance. He kept running, not realizing that he would have to run three times as much, more, to make a square plot. By late afternoon he collapsed and died of dehydration.

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