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Marathon or Relay Race

Courtesy: Chithra Jha, trainers forum

Most of us look at life as a marathon, and live it that way; going around within the same experiences, struggling with the same limitations, trying to do our best with what we think is given as our life lessons to learn through, heal and transform.

NOW is the time to look at life as a relay race, where at every turn and crossroads we are given an opportunity to pass the baton to someone/ something else.

The decision to pass the baton, to stop fighting and embrace healing, and to acknowledge ourselves as powerful creators, worthy of unlimited and abundant joyful blessings, helps us steer our life in a new direction. This is the most significant and powerful healing choice we can make in the NOW.

Today, let us ask ourselves, “Is it time to pass the baton in my life? What battles am I willing to stop fighting (real meaning of surrender)? How can I begin using my energy in different ways?”

Remember, whatever isn’t flowing smoothly, isn’t going in the right direction for us....:(

When we pause to remember what is truly important for us, we open our hearts in gratefulness for each moment...that's when we change directions and come on to the right path....:)

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