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Biggest storm in US history

Courtesy: AVR, Chennai

Please PRAY for AMERICA.


Water world:

Atlantic City's world-famous boardwalk was washed away after Super storm Sandy made landfall nearby Waves crash against a previously damaged pier before landfall of Hurricane Sandy this afternoon as storm-driven waves crashed ashore and flooded seafront communities Lashed with rain:

A van skids in the flooded streets of Atlantic city, where casinos are shuttered, tourists have and 500 are trapped in their homes U.S. Route 30, the White Horse Pike, one of three major approaches to Atlantic City, New Jersey, is covered with water from Absecon Bay during the approach of Hurricane Sandy Waves crash next to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, already advancing past the beach, as wind speeds strengthen to 90mph A man stands on a dry patch of sidewalk on a flooded street as Hurricane Sandy moves up the coast.

An empty Boardwalk before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy today as much of the eastern United States was in lock down mode Chef and maintenance worker AnRich Stringer pulls a pallet loaded with sandbags across the boardwalk to a restaurant entrance for protection from Hurricane Sandy Battered by the boardwalk: An empty street in flooded Atlantic City, which has taken a direct hit from the super storm, forcing residents to flee inland Astonishing scenes: Heavy waves smash over the seawall in Winthrop, Massachusetts this morning as what was then only classified as a hurricane moves closer to the region Submerged: A car is covered by water near the Consolidated Edison power plant in New York, after Sandy knocked out power to at least 3.1 million people, and large sections of the city were plunged into darkness Destroyed:

A severely damaged home in Manalapan, Florida after the 90mph winds of Sandy passed by Terrifying episode: Heavy waves smash over the seawall in Winthrop, with the 911 system inundated with 10,000 calls every half hour Sea life: A row of houses stands in flood waters at Grassy Sound in North Wild wood, New Jersey, after the powerful storm lurched westwards and took dead aim at New Jersey and Delaware Devastation: Bulldozers swing into action to clean up Fort Lauderdale after Sandy swept along the coast Breached: Flood waters from Sandy rush into the Port Authority bus terminal in New Jersey through an elevator shaft Journey:

Graphic showing the current position of the super storm after it swept up the East Coast While the plywood was tacked onto casino windows, and sandbags sat at the bottoms of doors, the boardwalk looked like it could come to life at any minute. Neon signs still flashed; lamps were lit and a string of Christmas lights extending from a casino to lamps remained lit.

Bally's even kept its outdoor sound system on. A check-cashing store was boarded up. A pizza place sat empty, rain hitting the white facade of the only building on the block. Rain dripped down the elephants in front of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, and a piece of sign hung from a billboard, swaying in the wind. A traffic light near the Atlantic City Expressway dangled precariously, turning 360 degrees before giving out. Water still spraying up from a fountain was blown sideways. On one street, water rose about four inches in a half hour.

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