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Video Episodes on Hindu Temples of US

Courtesy: Mani, Kalakad

Dear All,

Greetings from S. Jayaraman bangalore. Reached LA on 23rd and staying with Daughter's family. The focus of this trip is to create Video Episodes on Hindu Temples of US-Specifically focussing on US East in the similer lines of Hindu Temples of Singapore which I had Created for SUN TV.

The episodes would be telecast through Sri Sankara TV - A National, Multilingual, Spiritual channel. I am not aware of any similar attempt by any TV Channel in India. I stand to be corrected. The project also would create a Compact 30 minute video Documentary about each of the Temples we are planning to cover. We have seen many videos by US Hindu temples in YOu Tube about many events and Functions but not a Compact package

I had the Opportunity to see the book on Hindu temples of North america by Kollapen- an amazing work. written words and still photographs have their own approach. Taking advantage of Video Technology backed up by proper audio commentary based on information support from the Temple authorities of Hindu temples of US, we are sure to reach Millions of Indians wherever they are, showcasing the committment of Hindu Community in US to keep in touch with their roots thorugh elegant Temples.

This is not commercially viable project in any Indian TV Channels as advertisers are not as keen to support. Most of the Spiritual programs are funded by those Religious organisations themselves through their Devottees. We hope to achieve our dream with God's blessings and support from Friends like you all.

November 2nd week, we are palnning to start the Video Shoot.

Share any suggestions you have, thoughts you have, be a part of this Project.

My Conatact Number in US :310-849-5279.


S. Jayaraman

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