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Husband wife jokes

Courtesy: K. Raman, kalakad

Why are wives more dangerous than the Mafia?

The mafia wants either ur money or life. The wives want both!

Marriage is like a public toilet. Those waiting outside are desperate to get in & Those inside are desperate to come out.

No Man Can Ever Be Satisfied with 4 things in life.

(1) Mobile
(2) Automobile
(3) TV
(4) Wife

Because there is always a better model in neighborhood.

Searching these keywords on Google `How to tackle wife?`

Google search result, `Good day sir, Even we are searching`.

Compromising does not mean you are wrong and your wife is right. It only means that the safety of your head is much more important than your ego!

Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years. Osama Bin Laden must have called the US Navy Seals himself!

Whisky is a brilliant invention. One double and you start feeling single again.

A friend recently explained why he refuses to get to married.

He says the wedding rings look like miniature handcuffs.

It is said that when a woman closes her eyes, she sees the person she love the most; and when a man does that... the slide show begins.

It takes thousand workers 2 build a castle, Million soldiers to protect a country, but just One woman 2 make a Happy Home. A Good Maid!

Funny quote on a husband`s T-Shirt:

All girls are devils, but my wife is the queen of them!

A poor old lady's three successful sons sent each a reward gift to the mom.

(1) The oldest gave mom a big well furnished place house to live.
(2) The middle one gave Mom a big Mercedes Benz to drive and enjoy.
(3) The third one bought an expensive Parrot from church trained for twelve years to describe an entire bible or any portion of bible per owner's choice and gave to mom.

Mom sent a thank you note to all three.

(1) Johny, my oldest son the house you gave me is too big to walk and clean around and so is not much useful.

(2) Greggy, my middle son, I never drove or rode a car and I am uncomfortable. So your Mercedes is no good.

(3) My baby son, you have always understood Mom. The chicken you sent, I killed and cooked. It was so delicious, I never had this taste before.

No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the words 'COMPLETE' Vs 'FINISHED' in a way that's so easy to understand:

When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE.

When you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED.

And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED. it is call vicious circal of Wedding Ring...... your wife is ring master......

many time we ask apple & get something else.... Good luck & happy week end

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