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Meditation To Discover Your Inner Beauty

Courtesy: Stalin, KSA

Meditation To Discover Your Inner Beauty

Given below is a meditation to reflect on and experience the original qualities and virtues of the soul. When you are in contact with these treasures, you begin to shine.

Create a space within you. Sit down and go within. Look at your being in a different way. Look at what beautiful things you have within, and learn to recognize them.

I allow my body to relax ... I breathe gently and deeply... My physical senses relax ... I can feel more and more how my body is calming down... I direct my attention to within, as if I was looking through a window... I discover a silent space... tranquil... calm... Here I feel safe from any outside influence... I can feel the silence ... My mind is quietening... it becomes silent and peaceful...

The expansion of my thoughts fades... I concentrate on my true being... The lake of my mind is serene... clean... transparent... Everything is clear ... I can feel my own presence... I feel the pure energy of my being... I am shining like a beautiful star of divine light at the centre of my forehead... My original qualities like bliss, love and purity begin to shine at the heart of my soul, like a fountain of water that comes from a spring... I begin to recognize these treasures that rise up within me...

I concentrate on them and make them emerge, feeling that I am those qualities... I am a spiritual being... I am a being of light... I shine and sparkle with unlimited peace, happiness and love... I feel the peace... I am at peace... I am a being of peace... I feel the love... I am a being full of love... of good feelings, of acceptance towards everybody... My heart is strong... I feel that I am a being without limitations... with great strength... I glimpse what I really am... a being of authentic light... strong... radiating this light towards all people... towards the whole world... I stay in silence ... and I smile.

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