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Very useful software from Indian Railways


Very useful software from Indian Railways

This will greatly help you for planning long journeys in India.

About few decades ago, there were few trains. Now the number of trains has gone up by many times. The journey time has been considerably reduced. You can have online reservation to any place in India. We see great progress in all fields.

Latest software from Indian Railways.

Train and Flight schedules + bookings

You can search for break journeys - Train + Flight , Multiple trains, multiple flights and search for train availability and the results are very fast. Very interesting idea and quite convenient for planning long journeys.

You just have to type say , " Cuttack to Bombay on 15th July " and it will automatically understand your query.

You don't have to select multiple drop downs, dates etc.Please click on the link below:

This is amazing... saving of lots of time!


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