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Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Kanchi Paramacharya

Speaking Without Speaking:

Once, during the mid-eighties, Kanchipuram Mahaswamiji Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Swamiji (Maha Periyava) desired to see Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar and invited him through a personal attendant. He asked the personal attendant to bring Yogiji.

Yogiji, accepting the invitation of Kanchi Maha Periyava, went to Kanchipuram. Maha Periyava sat down and so did Yogi. Maha Periyava and Yogi looked at each other. They did not speak a word to each other verbally. After looking at each other for sometime, Kanchi Periyava, laughing lightly, said to his personal attendant who had brought Yogi to Kanchi, “The matter for which he came is over. You may take him back to Tiruvannamalai.”

Did they meet just to see each other or did they exchange some news? Nothing could be comprehended. Yogi went back to Tiruvannamalai.

Later, when Yogiji was asked what really happened, as there was no conversation and yet Maha Periyava remarked that the work was over, Yogi Ramsuratkumar explained thus:

“We both spoke to each other – through the mind.

Kanchi Periyava said, ‘Bodendra chanted Rama Nama throughout his life. He was a ‘Peettadipathi’ of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Later, installing his successor for the Peetam he went around giving ‘upadesa’ of Rama Nama for all, irrespective of caste and creed; he offered the ‘upadesa’ that the Name of the Lord was the only ‘gati’ (succour) for all in this Kali Yuga. Living in this manner his body was transformed into a ’siddha sarira’. He attained ‘jiva samadhi’ in Govindapuram on the banks of the Cauvery. Living in ‘jiva samadhi’ for the past 300 years, to date, he is incessantly chanting Rama Nama. You may go and remain in that Govindapuram where Bodendra is.’

This beggar replied, ‘No! No! For this beggar Tiruvannamalai is enough.’

Acharya also said, ‘OK’.

This is what we spoke!”

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