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What you didn't know about Steve Jobs

Courtesy: K.T.R. Mumbai

What you didn't know this about Steve Jobs

You have heard about Mr. Steve Jobs who has revolutionized the world of computers and e based communications through his Apple computers. Do you know the following facts about Mr. Steve Jobs.

He used to “walk 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna Hindu Temple”.

He said in his Stanford University lecture “ you have to trust in your gut, destiny, life and Karma. He was a staunch believer of karma yoga.

He visited many Ashrams in Risheekesh particularly Neem Karoli Baba ashram , a devotee of Hanuman. After visiting for the first time he returned from India to US with a shaved head and in traditional Indian robes.

He used to walk in his company bare footed like a Hindu sanyaasee..

He used to do Yoga daily and he was a perfect vegetarian till his last breath.

He visits many ashrams in north India and used to do yoga in the holy places.

He started touring India from 1970 onwards and he is a great lover of animals.

He has not requested money from his parents even when he was jobless and generally took food from Hindu temples wherever he goes.

He, religiously followed and spread the ‘ amazing Hindu dharma’ and Vedic messages.

He did not complete his studies in the university but remained in university for discussing with his friends.

He was removed from his own company by the management and later on, the same management was removed and Mr. Steve was brought back

It is said that in Himalayas, one of the Hindu swamijies gave him a green apple and told him to bite it. He did and looked into the apple after biting a piece from that.

That apple has come as the emblem of the Apple computers.

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