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Rare photo of Periva
He who cures

One of today's tamil dailies carry an interesting article and photo of Sri Maha Periva - we have enclosed the same as a PDF for your reading.


Here is summary of the article in english for our non-tamil friends:

It was during the late nineties of Sri Maha Periva, just about a year before He attained Siddhi. He was telling his disciples around that He wants to go to Chidambaram temple and would like to have a darshan of Sri Nataraja Swamy there, and of the "Kunchida Paadam" - a special garland made of various plant roots - well known at the Chidambaram temple, and which you can see in the attached Photo on Periva's head. It is common belief that if one has a darshan of the Kunchida Paadam, he/she would be cured of all diseases and that he/she would be able to attain Moksha (salvation).

The disciples felt confused and sad on hearing this instruction of Periva - because He was barely able to move about those days, and to get him to travel so long in that stage was not very advisable as well. To their surprise, the very next day morning, they had a group of priests from the Chidambaram temple coming to the Mutt with prasadams from Sri Nataraja Swamy temple, along with the "Kunchida Paadam". The priests had come all the way from Chidambaram to have a darshan of Periva and to hand over the prasadam to Him.

Now, the disciples felt so happy and went and informed Periva, and sought His permission to bring in the Deekshitars of Chidambaram, which was readily agreed by Periva. Soon as the prasadams were brought in, Periva took the Kunchida Paadam and kept it on His head, and blessed all of them with prayers to Sri Nataraja Swamy. This photo, taken during that moment, is believed to be a great cure for any disease, as it contains the medicine (Kunchida Paadam) and the greatest of all doctors (Sri Maha Periva) together in one photo.

May Periva bless all of us with healthy and peaceful life..

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