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10 Tips.for Success

Courtesy: R. Vijayaragavan, Chennai

10 Tips for Success

1 Don’t worry.

Worry is the least productive of all human activities and thoughts.

2 Don’t let needless fears preoccupy your life.

Most of things we fear never happen!

3 Don’t hold grudges.

That is one of the biggest and most unnecessary weights we carry through our lives.

4 Take on one problem at a time.

It’s the only way to handle things anyway one by one.

5 Don’t take your problems to bed with you.

They are bad and unhealthy companions for good natural sleep and rest.

6 Don’t take on the problems of other people.

They are better equipped to handle their own problems than you are.

7 Don’t live in the past.

It will always be there in your memories to enjoy but don’t cling to it. Concentrate on what is happening right now in your life and you will be happy in the present also not just the past.

8 Be a good listener.

It is only when one listens..that one gets and learns ideas different from ones own.

9 Do not let frustration ruin and rule your life.

Self pity more than anything..interferes with positive actions with moving forwards in our lives.

10 Count your blessings.

Don’t even forget the smallest blessings. As many small blessings add up to large ones.

R. Vijayaraghavan

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