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Hi Beautiful!

Courtesy: Mouneet Trainers forum

Dearest Darling Beautiful Friends,

Beauty is an amazingly un-explainable concept. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, expressed Shakespeare. Hence, it takes as many forms as there are `we', he must have believed.

Beauty can be truthfully defined not by how it is seen but by how it makes one feel. A sense of wow, grace, peace and alignment…is that beauty?

I asked a meditator, what is beauty and she shared, `Silence deep within is the most authentic and greatest revealer of beauty'.

I asked a 15 year something male teenager who had piercings (2) on his left eyebrow, what is beauty. He said, `Beauty is tattoo for the Soul'.

I asked a nun who teaches in a school housed in an old world structure with an unmistakable charm of having seen the glorious days, what is beauty. She said, `It represents the purest and essential version of Life.'

I asked a lover, what is beauty. With a smile that was loud yet silent, he shared, `Beauty makes me feel everything is ok in this world. It `lives' as a fragrance and `leaves' as a fragrance from within the expanse of the heart.'

I asked a retired military uncle, what is beauty. He answered, `It is in being a soldier who believes, irrespective to everything, MY COUNTRY deserves my life!'

I asked a philosopher, what is beauty. He said, `Beauty is beyond agreements, acceptance or recognition. It is a personal reminder about the Divine.'

I asked an old man in his 90s who used to sing folk bhajans every chaturthi (4th day in the moon cycle) in the public garden in front of my house, what is beauty. When he spoke he was wheezing. Yet, when he sang, his voice was all clean and powerful. He said, his guru had told him to recognize beauty as `the' bridge between the essence of God and the experience of God. When he sang the glories of the creator, he just forgot who he was. At the end of the bhajans he always found his face (engulfed by his beard), soaked with his tears. That to him was the grace of the creator, that to him was beauty.

I asked myself what is beauty.

I had high fever. My three year old child was heard praying to god, `please make my papa ok.' She looked so confident her god will do her asking. I could not hold my tears. Innocence? Purity ! Is this beauty?

I saw the erect spine of the wife of a slain soldier. Knowing well, her tough times have started, she still looked strong. If god was in front of her, I believe she would have said, `Bring it on!' I cried. Courage, honour, duty? Is this beauty?

My son loves his Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolates. His sister looks at him with eyes longing for her brother's piece. She has finished her share. He ignores her for some time. Her desire is unfair and she is silent. After a small inner fight, he slowly holds out his piece to her. Her eyes sparkle with joy. She jumps with joy, hugs him with delight. His heart still longs for his chocolate, his body language conveys his embarrassment, but his face also radiates contentment. Selflessness, love, caring and sharing? Is this beauty?

Words cannot define it yet I have just strived.

People discuss who is the most beautiful. Aishwarya? Angelina ? Katrina? My heart says, the most beautiful woman ever born is Mother Teresa. Deeds alone can express beauty and we must express it often.

When someone says to you, `Hi beautiful', they should not be referring to how you look, but, to what you have `done' and what you have `given'.

I, here and now, take the privilege of saying to you, `Hi beautiful!'

Irrespective of how you look, always `be beautiful'.

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

As I Live…I Learn

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