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The cost of Oxygen
Plz do care for Trees

Courtesy: Sridhar. Kalakad

The cost of Oxygen. Plz do care for Trees!

The cost of Oxygen! In one day a human being breathes oxygen equivalent to three cylinders.

Each oxygen cylinder on an average costs Rs 700, without subsidy.

So in a day one uses Oxygen worth Rs 2100 and for a full year it is Rs 7, 66,500.

If we consider an average life span of 65 years; the costs of oxygen we use become a staggering sum of Rs 500,00,000. Rs 50 million. All this oxygen is derived free of cost from the surrounding trees.

Very few people look at trees as a resource and there is rampart tree cutting going on everywhere which should stop.

Please pass this to your friends and care for trees.

please consider the environment before printing any email.

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