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links to video & photos on Maha Periyava

Courtesy: Raman, Kalakad

Dear Friends,

We are fortunate to live in a era when one of the greatest guru lived with us. yes it can be none other than Sri Jagadguru Chandrasekharebdra Saraswati Swamigal, called as Maha Periyava.

With common use of net and search facilities, we are able to know many great qualities of him in any field one can name. There are numerous instances where he had shown his greatness and miracles, in simple and unassuming way.

I stared knowing many of his teachings, guidance etc through net and engrossed in them. It is all in huge volumes, available freely in net. one can conveniently sit and read these treasures to understand and improve our spiritual living.

Many of his devotes have taken pain of collecting his photos, his speeches in videos and his teachings on various subjects. You can see Photos and Videos and read from the following links.

Many may be knowing these already. My idea of sharing is to get more links if some one know, can be passed on to me so that this list can be enlarged for reference.

1. Kanchi Maha Periavaa- My Guru

2. Sage of Kanchi Library of Mahaperiyava related articles

3. காஞ்சி மகானின் அருளமுதம்!

4. Kanchi Maha Periyava Mahimai

5. The Official Web Site of the Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

6. Ramani's Blog.

7. Mixcloud.

8. Kanchi-sathya Org.

9. Kanchi Periva Forum

Looking forward for your feed back on this.

K. Raman

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