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China's Secret at Olympics

Courtesy: Suresh, Trainers forum

I didn't want to be cruel, but those who are accustomed to go to a gym for body building will agree that to tone every muscle the amount of strain they undergo.

Is it worth it? It is the individual who has to decide it and if Olympic gold medal or medal is worth the strain then the tough ordeal is worth it. Are we aware of the lifestyle of the gold medalist in china. Whereas we have silver and gold medalist who are not in the fraternity of cricket and suffer ignominy and heard stories of silver medalist living in penury in india.

Take the case of the lady who did the perfect 10. Nadia comaneci.

She will vouch for the tough training conditions she underwent from the age of 4 and had her own struggle and the fame she has now.

Today not only she run such a gymnastic training organization but enjoy the fame and money.

Not everyone will be lucky.

If we say this is cruelty, I would say that poverty and undergoing inhuman conditions in the slums is what we need to look at in India and that too for what the strain they undergo. Sir that is true inhuman and we need to look at that.

I can really vouch because I have represented the sports in athletics and hockey representing Tamilnadu state and I know the amount of strain the individuals suffer during training and the pleasure they get when they win. The kabaddi team wins gold in Asian games and you know what is the state of their lives. I know because most of them are from tamilnadu.

Why so much the medal prospects for women boxing this Olympics MC Mary Kom, how is her life? That is what I mean.

You have taken the photos of china team take any developed country gymnastic team or swimming team and check at what age they enroll and what type of rigorous practice they give and then make a comment.


R. Suresh

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