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Courtesy: Ravi, Kalakad

Dear friends,

Next time when you go to an astrologer, please remember that predictions work as per the KARMA PALAN OF THAT TIME.

Normally in the DIVINE SUBJECT who has got knowledge to comment on others predictions. For any person knowing the subject, there could be their own reasoning to write or predict in their ways. Who is one to comment on another? In any divine subject diversity could be there.

Naga pooja is not performed in the same manner as Devi pooja is done. Devi pooja is not done in the same manner as a pooja done to other Gods. But all are poojas. All poojas are done by priests. DO ANY PRIEST CLAIM THAT ANY PUJA IS SUPERIOR TO OTHER?

The guide lines for studying DIVINITY are given by sages in sastra which are generally followed. This have been studied for thousands of years, translated by capable people before hundreds of years to various languages and available in many languages now and the most used one is the English translation by many.

Let us take Matching of two life's, they are done to check the prosperity, development, unity made out subsequently by many authors. It is seen not only seen for marriage alone. These are all studied to certain extent, based on DIVINE INTUTION AND NIMITHAM (Uul prerana and situations suddenly appearing) and many other factors by which matchings are done. The matching basis for a joint business is different from the one for a marriage.

Many points are seen for while matching of horoscopes for marriage, which include PAPA SAMYAM, Dasa sandhi, RUNNING DASA, Exalted planets, Diminished planets, Shashtashtama dosha, Rana Rani bhava etc etc. Normally 15-20 points are seen in the order of priority SET BY THE ASTROLOGER. Positively first one seen is RASI PORUTHAM by Astrologers in general.

No matching could be perfect even to 60% since there is a term IMPOSSIBLE is also there following all the rulings. So in short, based on NIMITHAM AND DIVINE INTUITION, GOOD ASTROLOGER SEES THE MATCHING. So their predictions could be EVEN DIFFERENT FROM RULINGS OR DEVIATIONS FROM THE RULINGS. It is foolish to interpret with out knowing the circumstances of their prediction as a prediction has no basis.

In fact one of the rulings is if at all wrongly told or calculated, such things will occur SINCE A DEIVANJA IS NOT DOING IT PURPOSELY. HIS EYES GET CLOSED AT ERRING.

A good astrologer will not be pride of his knowledge and least broadcast about it. The requisite qualities of an astrologer itself are told in the first chapter of Parasara hora. In today's situations it is impossible to have all such qualities but most tries to have at least 50 % of them. Just to quote one - wider knowledge, best Mathematics knowledge and calmness of mind and perfection of thinking. Who can set the standards for this?

In short it is bad to comment on another's knowledge. Who are we to do such things? If I am to say with pride that I am knowledgeable, THERE COULD BE THOUSANDS, WHO KNOW BETTER THAN ME, WHOM CAN TELL I AM WRONG WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE ON MANY OF MY FORCASTS. So "Mounam Vidwanu Bhooshanam" is the correct thing to follow.

Does any doctor say an old LMP or MBBS is incapable and MDs or still studied ones are only are capable? Do any PHD or doctorate people say post graduates or graduates do not know things? Do a graduate say an SSLC studied person has lesser knowledge?

Just an instance comes to my memory now. It was in 99's I think. I was not well. I took up an appointment with the famous professor of Medicine in a Medical College with much difficulty. He after a big questionnaire and examination prescribed medicines. Illness still continued. One day after that I just went to my near by clinic. There was a doctor, just joined a fresher after his MBBS. I told him the problem just like that and my earlier consultation with professor. He added one more medicine over. He cautioned just try with small dosage for one or two days. What a wonder- After two or three days, I was perfectly alright. On a 2nd consultation the junior doctor told me- to continue with old prescription the professor prescribed. In fact he was the student of the same professor. My point- It was MY KARMA, that initially my illness was not cured by the earlier treatment, but later it was worked. Many would have cured by it with the same symptoms treated by the doctor. For me it did not became effective immediately. The second attempt gave a quick relief, not because it was exemplary but because the first may be making base. He told the 2nd ointment has newly come, probably the professor do not like to test it immediately on first occasion itself. ….The professor was the most famous doctor. Just because the ointment he prescribed did not work immediately, do his knowledge is lesser?

Just because I got immediate relief by the ointment of the fresh MBBS, does he excel the professor?

Why- Do any good sasthrikal say another sasthrikal do not know any thing? Does any college lecturer talk anything ill of a primary school teacher? Both of them having knowledge to their teaching levels. They go by their own ways.

To summarise, it is bad to comment on another's qualities and knowledge. There are many books on the divine subject. Similarly many later written books. It is KARMA PHALAM; people are taken for to various Deivanjas. Some may be more accurately predictable, some not so. Some may know more, some lesser some times. Some may find Astrology as a subject to be dealt; some find it a way of living after gaining knowledge. For the person it is the only way of living need not be the manner, a person deal the other way.

I was to get a glass framing shop a few days back. I had to get a glass replacing a broken glass of my old clock… In the mean while one person came to him to purchase a serial LED lighted combined photo of 5 Gods. He was asked the price. He said Rs 450-00 and packed and gave it. After some time another person came. A similar type of photo was asked. He was discussing with some body and finally asked for the price. He knew the new fellow is to bargain. So he said- Rs 500-00 and finally settled for Rs 350-00. Listening both, I asked how he could vary the price so much. His answer was interesting- I HAVE TO PAY RENT TO SHOP AND EARN A WAY OF LIVING. The total profit for the entire day is seen. If he does not give that picture, A BUSINESS LOSS OF RS 350-00 IS THERE. SO EVERY WHERE PROFIT AND LOSS IS NOT SCENE. That is living.

Many persons consult astrologer for many matters. Predictions come through to many and they are happy. For a few it do not come through or may go the other way. It is KARMA PHALA.

If One over sleep in day time, may not get sleep in night. It is not due to AC not cool, mosquito liquid is not working, or bed is not comfortable. I may go over to toilet many times. The problem lies in the over sleep and not others…


Ravi Hariharan

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