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Eruption of Corruption
while India boils and blasts against corruption

Courtesy: Mhd Ali, trainers forum

I am writing this article as a social responsibility.

If anyone feels this does not deserve posting in our forum Digest please forgive me.

I am a very strong supporter of Anti Corruption and since I fully support Anna Hazare's movement.

But we must also think of eradicating corruptions at grass root level not only at the top level.

I never gave bribe to any one since my birth and I will never give until I leave this earth.

Hope that you and me will be more than happy if we can at least move a pebble that helps eradicating the greatest SIN/CURSE.. the bribe and corruption from our mother land.

On 18th August 2011 The Times of India shocked me through a news that was published in the 9th page...

In Navi Mumbai, a PG medical seat costs Rs.1.7 cr!

The people who emotionally fight against corruptions should also go and sit in front of the private medical college in Navi Mumbai and continue their fast there. Will they do?

Never. Because they will not get any political mileage in doing so. And more important fact is that 90% of the people will not support because they may be in the queue to get such "fortune making" medical seats.

I have a very big question to those agitating now...

Why did they vote and elect another set of highly corrupt politicians when there was an option to elect CLEAN INDEPENDENT candidates. None of the independents who represented anti corruption movements was elected in our state...Tamil Nadu during last elections.

Let us all keep our hands and above our hearts and answer this question.

How many millions are lost while the ruling and opposition parties have tug of war on certain issues at Parliament sessions.. I sincerely hope that it is also our duty to educate people about this colossal waste of Tax Payers' hard earned money. We have to protest against wasting our money which can be spent on infrastructure developmental projects.

Well, the real changes must start from within ourselves. Every citizen must resolve that no bribe will be given for anything and we must demand the government officials that our work be done in the right way even if it takes few days more than expected.

This morning I had an experience while I was going to drop my daughter at the main road where her company's bus pick up employees. I noticed some people strongly supporting Anna Hazare's movement do not respect traffic signals and follow road traffic rules. Such people have no rights to talk about corruptions. Because when they are caught by the traffic police either they will drive fast and try to vanish or if caught they will try to bribe the officers to escape ticket. The children accompanying them will register this message deep in their hearts and will feel that whatever my father has done is not wrong!!!

I see so many people of the same category drive cars without wearing seat belts and fully folding BOTH ( if at all our country all cars are sold with only one side view mirror we must buy the second one) their side view mirrors and many drive in two wheelers with three children and full of school bags and lunch bags hanging around. The most important thing is that the driver of the two wheeler do not wear helmet and they will also attend the mobile( held in the neck) phone wile driving. And indirectly they teach the children... the future leaders of India that jumping traffic signals and not wearing helmet or seat belt is RIGHT.

This is where the seeds of Corruption are sowed in the (fertile land) hearts of the future leaders.

These are some areas where we can start doing the changes that will shape our country.

My dear countrymen my humble request to one and all

"Please practice what you intend to preach".

Jai Hind

With full of hopes to see a corruption free India in my life time.....

A. Mohamed Ali

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