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Fighting corruption is not easy
More action needed

Courtesy: R.K. Guptha, Trainers forum

Corruption is compulsion of electoral democracy as candidates and parties try to outdo each other in the fray.

Money and inducement are given to woe voters. All kinds of compromises are made dividing people in castes, backward and forward, religion and so on. False and serious promises are given favoring some opinion makers and Dabang people of area or community.

The reason is simple. The candidates dont have any standing, any mission, any morality and any ethics. They are opportunists who entered politics to gain proximity to those in power and to personally benefit and loot. In any political party not even 5% volunteers and members are selfless. So politics has become a business of scoundrels. Crimes, corruption, abuse of power and gaining personal wealth is the goals of Indian politicians.

See this fraudulent expert and outdated person and having zero public base, MM Singh glued to chair as an appointed ad hoc PM cum stooge of a corrupt power hungry and looter family of fake gandhis. This is condition of decay in indian public life. He represents vacuum in Indian politics and leadership. Virtually all parties are having large number of corrupt opportunists whose only aim is to loot and amass wealth. It is another matter that they can hardly use even 10% of that.

People should not fool themselves. The money collected by babus go right up to ministers. Posts are auctioned and Police stations are auctioned. A large number of these IAS, IPS etc are corrupt, arrogant, desigantion stung, networked and third rate fellows who have entered there for power, money and comfortable life. Most their career they pass in fighting with each other and between cadres for supremacy and for getting perks and overseas visits at public cost.

This particular portion of public administration has to be tackled by Independent Commission at centre and in states something like they have in Hongkong.

But main problem that hits common man is corruption at lower levels. Class II down to clerks and peoples. Peons have been caught with crores of rupees.

Why this happens?

1. No target oriented working for babudom and judges 2. 5 day working and 50 holidays in a year. 3. Theft of public funds and property including petrol of vehicles making offices in horrible condition. Judges dont have even coolers whereas they live in AC rooms at home. 4. Citizens charter not followed 5. Superiors of every babu is also corrupt and more experienced in breaking rules. 6. Non systematic working making people approach brokers to get work done 7. Deliberate delays and harassment. 8. Many people want to jump queue or get unfair advantage. 9. Unemployment causing a huge population of middlemen and pimps everywhere. 10 No Action on public complaints 11. No designated officer in each department with powers to coordinate and investigate complaints against officials. 12. Corrupt police in country. 13 Lethargic and arrogant courts inflicted with same problems as in offices. Now high court judges have started open bribe taking.

So each point has to be addressed. We have to change public services rules and make employees dismissal after every 5 years review and public complaints and performance against set targets to be considered.

We should have a district level citizen council or whatever name having 8-10 members from public and not politicians and babus to receive any complaint against district level officer of all departments and organisations funded by government and their agencies. They should fix time limit and mandatory informing complainant of outcome after which he can go to court if not satisfied. They should have powers to demote, promote, stop promotion, fine, penalise, transfer and sanction trial under PCA in special courts with time limit of maximum 3 years including appeal.

Minimum penalty should be Rs 10 lacs and maximum imprisonment life term. The spouse should be co-prosecuted in case of disproportionate income cases. The rules should be changed that if no reply comes from any department in 60 days the permission is automatic. Government should pay delay charges to citizen from Rs 100 to 10000 a day depending on nature of work and level of citizen.

A separate public service liability act should be created for this.

Society should resist paying bribes for fear of delay and harassment and should not try to over compete and get advantage at any cost. Corrupt and quick rich should not be encouraged and respected in society.

Governments should also appoint private agencies on retainer-ship cum commission to search and scout for ill gotten wealth and properties of officers and politicians and judges and report for action.

The asset recovery law is must for both indian corruption amount with officials and also in foreign banks.

If we do these all together than only the menace of corruption can go down. Merely a half baked Lokpal Bill cant achieve much.

India should reduce craze of GDP growth rate and go moderate at 5-6% rate. That is best. Salries should be moderated. Land conversion should be stopped and more agriculture than industry should be encouraged. WE should follow canadian model of growth and social welfare.

What this fellow MM singh is doing ois half hearted copying systems in USA and UK which suit corrupt people and MNcs and Ambanis type of guys and leaving out important systems that aim at common man. He is therefore very corrupt person and agent of capitalists. After he came every thing has worsened.

Let people consider these and circulate it to build public opinion and pressurise governments.

Election commission should pressurise for 'no candidate' provision in ballot papers and minimum qualifications for candidates.

The civil society organsiations should join hands and make a national confederation to use their bargaining power. MM Singh government has already openly challenged civil society.

The Hazare drama will finish in 10 days time maximum. After that things would come to same state. Unless we keep relay fast of 100 people from all over India for 1 full year and mobilise and malke aware people at rural areas how they are being looted and how corruption is eating them, not much is going to happen as parties are focussed on rural and religious and caset based votes. 50% population is illiterate and poor and busy eking out their daily living.

feedback is welcome

Prof R K Gupta

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