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அழகி மென்பொருள்
Tamil-English bilingual webmagazine dedicated to education of the masses through E-books, articles, worldwide informations, Slideshows,
Presentations on various subjects, photographs and images, moral and objective oriented stories and Lectures including audio and video

Internet Links

The inspiring story of three women and a library P.K. Seshadri, Trainers forum

Nice site for s.indian recipes with step-by-step pictures

Sri Rudram Chanting in Sweden


Please go through each & every vedio clipping - You will enjoy. please listen

This is absolutely amazing. Click on the link below and see the several videos. See the folks chanting and the clarity of their diction. An inspiration to all of us. I checked out the chanting of Sri Rudram, Mantra Pushpam, etc.

Veda chanting class in Europe - surprised at the students!

K. Thiagarajan, Chennai

Sanskrit Documents in audio format - K.T.R. Chennai

Steve Jobs: No one wants to die - Dr.Atul , Trainers forum

No one wants to die. Even those who want to go to Heaven, don't want to die - Steve Jobs

Follow the link below to watch this video when Steve Jobs was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent treatment.

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