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Is God Listening?

Courtesy: Stalin, KSA

Is God Listening?

All of us at some point of time in our life have asked this question “Is God listening”? At other times we find ourselves exclaiming, “Oh wow, what’s happening! I wished for something and it is happening; is it because God is listening to me”! Both phases are filled with amazing experiences if we see them as detached observers, just like yogis.

When we are undergoing a tough phase where we really want something to happen and are putting a lot of effort yet not seeing results, it’s difficult to consider it an amazing experience. But it’s an amazing phase because it is during these times that we have an opportunity to understand ourselves, God, and God’s role and the principles with which this world drama is operated.

If we listen to the experiences of people who have undergone tough phases, some common things we hear are:

· Some laugh at themselves and at how attached they were to their fixed idea of achieving something

· Some say that they later realized that it was not actually what they wanted, but under the influence of elements of their personality, they were desperately trying for it at that point of time

· Few realize and talk about how it was actually a blessing in disguise that what they strongly wished for didn’t happen

· And few are yet to unravel the mystery behind why it didn’t happen for them.

Now an important thing to reflect is “How shall we go through such a tough phase”?

First thing which we learn in meditation is to be a detached observer. This gives strength to the mind to look into the situation with more clarity and understanding.

Believe in yourself and follow the directions in which your heart is signaling.

Trust this principle “God always answers sincere efforts filled with positive thoughts (i.e. Faith, Enthusiasm, Courage), without any emotions of doubts, duality of mind.”

And finally we need to ask ourselves Are we listening to God? Are we catching his signals and directions to our destiny? Do we have the three things that are needed to catch and understand his signals a) Honesty b) Trust c) Patience? Only an honest person can listen to his/her own inner voice and God’s voice. Trust is sine qua non (an indispensable and essential condition) for any successful relation, and patience is key for completing any work.

Even when a seed is sown, it takes time for fruits to come – it’s the law of nature. The only thing a farmer can do is to sow the right seeds at right time.

God is our wise and loving father who is trikaldarshi (has the complete knowledge of time i.e. the Past, Present & Future) and knows what to give, when to give and how to give.

From now onwards, instead of asking, “Is God Listening?” let’s ask ourselves “Are we listening to God?”

Om Shanti!

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