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Courtesy: P.K.Maheswari, Trainers forum

1) Then there are the hapless people who are a little wooly up there. They wake up with lovely intentions but then even a small butterfly can make them forget everything else and can make them first run for their camera and secondly after the butterfly. A few flowers on the way simply dash the entire timetable of the day to the ground and that is that. Now it is left open to your imagination if a but...terfly can do this what would let us say would happen if a child needs this person or even an adult came around needing solace?

It would not be difficult to infer from the above that it is all in the mind. It is all relative to what we consider important and would like to spend the available time on. Then there is also the question of habits. We are more creatures of habits than we really wish to acknowledge. We act on impulses that have been inculcated into us by our surroundings and education. We give importance to these impulses and make them our flight-plan. They then decide the ETA....

2) It re-enforces my own view that at the base we are a nasty & narrow-minded people. More interested in imposing ourserlves than anything else. We do not spare our children, women or animals. We control ourselves only when we are afraid & know that the other party can do us harm or in sheer selfishness.

We are in Gross error if we think that Mother earth will juts sit there and our abuse and refuse is not going to come back to haunt us. Soon we shall be neck-deep in our own garbage. The population figures are now so high that we will be left with no option but to eliminate in a calculated manner at least half of the humans so that some of us can mange and survive.

"My Grandfather survived on this earth without using anything that did not go b...ack into the earth. The whole world could learn from that."

- Floyd Westerman, SIOUX

3) Many people around me don't agree with me. To them the goal of life is to be a go getter with obedience to parents and authority unquestioned; even if it requires trampling a few souls under the boots. Values like listening, silence, focus, planning, kindness, generosity and ability to withdraw are not only foreign but unthought-of. Letting the child grow into his own on his own terms and let him discover the world as a project is not considered healthy.

4) In life most of our communications are through talking. The words come and go in a fast stream. Our minds may not be fully focused on what the other person is saying; in fact it rarely is. Most people are reacting to some of the words heard and already thinking of the reply rather than listen to the other fully - then give oneself time to assimilate.

Thanks and Regards
PK (Pradeep Kr Maheshwari)

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