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Courtesy: Ravi kumar, chennai

A doctor from U.K. says:

"In U.K. the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's hand; we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work.

The German doctor comments:

"That's nothing, in Germany we take part of the brain out of a person; we put it into another person's head, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work."

A Russian doctor says:

"That's nothing either. In Russia we take out half of the heart from a person; we put it into another person's chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.

The U.S. doctor answers immediately:

"That's nothing my colleagues. You are way behind us. In the USA about three years ago we grabbed a person from Kenya with no brains, no heart, and no balls. we made him President of the United States, and now. the whole country is looking for work!

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