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A Story from the Great Epic Ramayana

Srirama was discussing some matters with the sage Vishwamitra and others in the palace of Ayodhya. A king came over there and bowed Srirama. He talked to Srirama for awhile and left the Palace. Others also said “Good-bye” to Srirama and started from there.

After that, Naradha met Vishwamithra. He said to him, "Honourable sage Viswamithra, the king who bowed Srirama, did not give you due respect. Are you so generous to pardon the king who ignored you? To be generous is a very good quality. But it should not give room to others to continue their mistakes". Naradha pretended to be very innocent and his revolutionary plan started working. Vishwamithra became furious and said "I did not notice the king who did not respect me. Otherwise I would have punished him then itself. Naradha, you have asked me directly about that incident. But many people who noticed it may think cheap of me and criticize me. I have lost my reputation. How dare the king was to dishonour me? Before the end of this day, his head will roll under my feet Naradha! I will teach a lesson to every one that anyone who dishonours Vishwamithra will have to face the consequences".

Vishwamithra who was in great tension and boiling with anger, straight away went to Srirama. He said, "Srirama, the king who came to the palace today did not bow me and thus he dishonoured me. Before the evening of today, his head should fall at my feet. This is the order of your Guru!" Srirama replied, "I will do as you ordered Gurudeva!" and started in search of the king.

Naradha who noticed all the incidents travelled quickly through skyways and met the king. He informed the king that Srirama was coming to kill the king as per the order of Vishwamithra.

The king was shocked and said, "O God! Because of my negligence, I have been put into great danger.

Vishwamithra is well-known for his great anger. Even if I beg pardon to him, he will not forgive me. I can't fight even with the shadow of Srirama! Naradha Swami, please save me from this danger". The king caught hold of Naradh’s feet and shed tears.

Naradha said to him"Don't be afraid my dear king! There is only one way for you to escape. Srirama’s ardent devotee Anchaneya only can save you. But if you request Anchaneya to save you from the weapons of Srirama, he will not agree to do so. So, you straight away approach Anchanadevi who is the mother of Anchaneya and seek refuge. If she orders Anchaneya to save you, he will never disobey. Rush up to Anchanadevi without any delay!". The king who was in distress approached Anchanadevi as a refugee. Anchanadevi, who took pity on him called Anchaneya and insisted him, "My dear son, it is your duty to save the king, who has come to me as a refugee". Anchaneya, was put into trouble and he was in distress. He said, “My dear Mother, I will never fight with Srirama. But I assure you that I will protect this king from the weapons of Srirama by bearing those weapons on my body.” After giving this assurance to his mother, Anchaneya lengthened his tail and made it like a Fort. Keeping the king safely inside the Fort, Anchaneya sat on the Fort of Tail.

After a while, Srirama came there and asked Anchaneya to handover the king to him. Anchaneya bowed Srirama and begged him to forgive the king and not to do any harm to him.

Srirama said, "My Guru has ordered that the king's head should fall at his feet before the evening of to-day. I can’t do anything against his order and I can't forgive the king!".

Immediately Anchaneya said, "Swami, I have assured my mother that I will save his life. So I can't handover him to you till I am alive!". Then Anchaneya immersed in chanting RAMA NAMA MANTHRA.

Srirama shot very powerful weapons towards Anchaneya. But all those weapons turned into Flowers and fell at the feet of Anchaneya. It was a great shock to Srirama and he stood stunned as he could not understand the reason for the same.

Naradha came there with Vishwamithra. He said "Srirama, your name has more power than you and your weapons. As Anchaneya is always chanting your name, you can't do anything against him. To let all the people know that your name is more powerful, I initiated and staged this revolutionary drama. Please don't do any harm to the king. Leave him".

Srirama said, "If I do so, will it not be my disobedience of my Guru Vishwamithra’s order?”.

Naradha laughed and said, “Vishwamithra ordered that the king's head should fall at his feet before the end of the day. If the king falls at the feet of Vishwamithra, his head will be at his feet. Is it not enough to solve the problem?"

Immediately the king who rushed to Vishwamithra fell at his feet and begged pardon. Vishwamithra was also generous to forgive him.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, have you finished reading the story? Just think awhile. Even a small quantity of negligence leads to great danger. We should not disobey our Guru and Parents. Name of Gods have extra-ordinary powers. Including the ways to overcome difficulties, how many wonderful pieces of advice have been dumped in this story!.

The MORAL VALUES of this story can never be forgotten in our life.

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