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Pakistani junkheads fully exposed

Courtesy: Prof R.K.Guptha, Trainers forum

Pakistan which was born on blood and religious bigotry has always been a rogue State. Having no agenda except India bashing and flowing blood in Kashmir the criminals in pakistan wearing war uniforms have been acting like overfed pigs using sleaze, money and vilification as their way to survive and remain in power. The best way is to be hostile to India and collect alms from western countries. This is the price one has to pay for army to be put in power. Not that our politicians are any less corrupt and criminals.

Pakistan had always been feigning ignorance about Dawood and Osama while both were holed up in Pakistan only arranged by Pakistani politicians and army.

This rat osama was also holed up in a military area of Islamabad in a solitude place in massive building with his harem and his litter.

He was concealed well by pakistani junta.

In fact americans are big fools as they are the great smarts. These idiots were main cause of pakistan going astray and creation of demon Osama Laden. Osama family had bene parteners of senior Bush.

Americans are biggest villains in world moving around the globe shooting anyone they think is their enemy. Whereas our fraudulent experts like Man Mohan keep only lip service and lie to nation in various matter and are only busy in corruption and loot.

Patting themselves as superpower the third rate indian intelligence and politicians who can best be called plunderers and cheats cant touch Dawood in Dubai or pakistan. No one gives damn to indians. Or is it that they don want to?

If Indians have guts they should go and rip the arseholes of bloody Pakistani military pigs and the psuedo jihadis. Once for all.

It has nothing to Dom with Islam. It is vicious game of sleaze, money, power and imperialism. To some extent the last one can be connected to islamic doctrine.

We doubt if Mumbai shoot out was not with connivance of Indian politicians of some hue and also american intelligence.

Prof R K Gupta

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