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The Regularity Of Meditation Practice
Its Significance

Courtesy: Stalin, Mumbai

The Regularity Of Meditation Practice – Its Significance

Meditation has to be practiced on a daily basis if we want to achieve satisfactory results. We have had low quality, negative and fearful thoughts for a long time. We cannot transform them with just a few sporadic (irregular) sessions of meditation. It is good to meditate every day for some time, in the morning and at night, to start cleansing or purifying. You go along accumulating negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, etc. within you, often without realizing. Therefore, you have to cleanse or detoxify as you go along. In order to heal, relax, strengthen, it is good to meditate regularly. It is simple; it is just a question of deciding to do it. In the same way that you eat and bathe every day, you learn to nourish and cleanse your spirit or soul by meditating. The time that you devote to meditation, you get back, because it increases your concentration, focus, clarity, efficiency and determination in action. So you cannot use the excuse that you don't have time.

If you are going to sit down to meditate the most powerful and beneficial thing is to do it at a fixed time in the day. Establish for yourself a concrete timetable for your meditation and try not to change it, let it be your time reserved for this practice. Begin each day with silence that is positive, peaceful, powerful, serene, and clear. Before working, having breakfast, before doing anything, go inside yourself for some time. In that space of introversion you can connect with your original spiritual qualities, recharging your inner batteries with positive thoughts for the day that you are beginning.

On ending the day you can return to that space of silence and put aside any thought that is negative, useless, weak, connected to the actions and situations that you have lived through in the entire day. The past has already passed. And send good feelings to people and situations where they are needed. Connecting with the best of your being helps you to live more consciously, so that you can relate to others with greater peacefulness, positivity, flexibility, value and efficiency. The daily practice of meditation in order to prepare the day in the morning and to clean and clarify at night keeps the mind healthy. A healthy mind is light, it is focused, and it is not easily distracted or burdened. During the day you can maintain a peaceful state in action along with finding moments to disconnect from action and enter into a space of inner silence, even if they are short, of a few minutes, and they help you to control the traffic of your mind and redirect thoughts when necessary.

To include meditation in your daily routine, the starting point is knowledge, understanding and becoming aware. It is not possible to begin this journey without some kind of map that indicates the route that we have to follow, so that one is not lost in a sea of thoughts.

There are more than 8500 Raja Yoga (Brahma Kumaris) meditation centers in more than 130 countries that offer these maps and help the person to begin with their meditation practice.

To know the location of centers in India, please click HERE

To know the location of centers outside India, please click HERE

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