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Radhika Tanwar's murder
Shame on Judicial system

Courtesy: Prof R.K. GUPTHA, trainers forum

A psycho kills a girl before a number of people and simply walks away. Remember Jessica lal murder? Is not it big shame for Indians and our rotten and indifferent corrupt judicial system of country that lives only in books.

Why such things happen?

1. Indians as I have always been writing are selfish, coward and corrupt people generally speaking. Their ethics and concern revolves only around their kins. Nepotism is rampant in India.We hardly have any concern to others in society and national character like japanese, Americans or British.

2. The image and action of police forces in India: Police officer starts insulting you the moment you walk in a station to lodge complaint. One can clearly see the corrupt and arrogant person sitting in khaki.Policemen go out of way to befriend the criminals as they gain more than being on side of the victim. First, FIR is not even written and if written every attempt is made to dilute and temper the evidence and FR it or delay challans. The policemen instead of respecting and protecting witnesses talk rudely, harass them and waste their time.

3. Even if case finally lands in a court which looks more like a fish market than a court of law, it may take 3 to 20 years to try the case with another corrupt set of people delaying the cases. The judges have no interest.Despite amendment of civil procedure code adjournments are given repeatedly. Many people simply file vexatious and counter suits to delay matter and harass the opposite party. No costs are awarded. Only alwyers and court clerks are making huge money in India. Result is not even 5%.

4. The witness has to come for evidence.May be 4-5 times.No one attends to witness. S/he is threatened or made fun of by accused. The policemen behave rudely and so the public prosecutor and the defense attorney. No one is interested in justice.

The ill treatment and threat to witnesses is quite visible. If accused is politician or a known goonda, hardly any one would dare to come forward to give evidence.

The corrupt potbellied and overfed policemen in India should realise this. They should understand that they are stabbing their own department and country and the poor people who appoint and pay them.Crime can take place in their own homes too any time.

They forget that without cooperation of people no case can be solved and that includes cooperation by victim being star witness.

In Indian victim has no status at all. No one bothers about victim.He silently looks on sitting on side lines. No compensation, no healing of wounds, no sympathy.

90% of crimes go unreported or unpunished in Indiua.Such a shame. The chain of judicial system in country eats away 3 lac crores every year for hardly doing anything.

On top of this the corrupt and mafia organised lawyers foment cases by asking the acquitted criminals to file malicious prosecution suits which means a trial for the victim already stabbed by state machinery.

One has to undergo all this to understand what we are writing here. It is awful.

Our shameless lawyers, judges and policemen should wake up. Next time it can be they or their family member.

The system is so corrupt that Mr Dadwal of Delhi police who is a strong and honest officer and IPS was present at the place where Jessica Lal was murdered by Manu sharma. But he could not arrest the culprits nor give evidence against them.

It was High court and public out cry that put Sharma behind the bars.

Many such Radhikas will keep getting rapoed, humiliated,stalked and killed for doing nothing wrong.

Tbhis is the real picturte of indian society which aped western glamour and their salries and shourts being a super power. No way.We are super corrupt and super beggars.India stands no where in any list made out globally.Except in list of human rights violations and corruption. The caste ridden masses blindly vote not for candidate but for caste and favors or under allurement of drink and money.India is thus made out a fraudulent democracy.

Our youth instead of joining the crusade is blinded by western glamor, consumerism amd big fast bucks.

It is time every one of us do soul searching and come forward to change the situation.We are waiting for whom?

We must define what is development and at what cost? merely singing every morning GDP griowth rate tune that is what Singh and his associates do is simply fooling the country.

Civilisation, democracy and growth all come at a cost to society. In India it is too high.

Prof R K Gupta

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