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Be Positive

Courtesy: Hari das Nair, trainers forum

Dear All,

Today I have a collection of some unorthodox positive thoughts for you...
See how do you like it...!

Living on Earth is expensive...
But it does include a free trip around the sun every year...!

How long a minute is depends on...
What side of the bathroom door you're on...!

Birthdays are good for you...
The more you have, the longer you live...!

Happiness comes through doors...
That you didn't even know you left open...!

Ever notice that the people who are late...
Are often much jollier than the people who have to wait for them...!

Most of us go to our grave...
With our music still inside of us...!

If Wall-Mart is lowering prices every day...
How come nothing is free yet...!

You may be only one person in the world...
But you are the world to some people...!

Some mistakes are too much fun...
To only make once...!

Don't cry because it's over...
Smile because it happened...!

We could learn a lot from crayons:
some are sharp, some are pretty,
some are dull, some have weird names,
and all are different colors...
Till they all exist very nicely in the same box and makes it COLOURFULL...!

A truly happy person is one...
Who enjoys the scenery on a detour...!

Have an awesome day, and know that someone who thinks you're great has thought about you today!..

Any Guesses...!

Hari Nair
People Passionate Person & A HR Professional
Reach him at: +91-98-102-89047

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