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Attitude is Everything
Your Attitude decides Your Altitude

Courtesy: Vijay Batra, trainers forum

Whisky, vodka, rum are all bitter but we drink and order our brain that we will enjoy it and get a kick out of it THEN why can't we face other challenges by creating the same state of mind. Here is this small boy who shows us how to create that state of mind.

If you're having a bad day, this boy puts life into perspective!

Attitude is everything!

Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you have.

What is that you CAN'T do?

Have you ever seen more beautiful smiles than these?

Anything bugging you today?

I am sure, as normal human beings, we all have nagging problems personal or professional or otherwise. But, life also teaches certain lessons through people like these, that give us the strength to keep us going.

Vijay Batra

A old looking young Man

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