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Politics of body langauge

Courtesy: Trainers forum

Dear All,

Communication experts perpetually shout on the importance of body language in communication. It has been a clichéd statistics that body language adds up to 55% of communication and rest is contributed by tone and words at 38% and 7% respectively. However, except for some specialists, very few people are conscious on how body language communicates the uncommunicated.

In the era of scams, can we spend some time on looking at the body language of all the scamsters and people protecting them to find what is said when they don’t want to say nothing at all?

Be it Raja of the spectrum or the scientists of ISRO or our Prime Minister or for that matter even the journalists reveal more than they speak only if we listen with our eyes open. But the question again is do we have the eye for detail to decipher the cluster of gestures that they carry in the media or otherwise? When brought up this point, most of the people argue that it doesn’t matter! Everyone lies on the media and we are as helpless as the law itself, that we can’t do anything about it even if we decode every lie that is being spoken. The point here is not what we will do with the truth, but do we actually know the truth and if the body language confirms the truth that we already know can this be used more effectively by the investigation teams and the courts?

Let me share with you, few observations that we could make of the speakers in few of the press releases in recent times. The most eloquent in conveying their message through body language not and so much with words were the scientists of ISRO on their press release. Rubbing their forehead while answering tough questions from one of the TV channels which apparently claims to be the only channel to have access to the contract papers which was signed between Antrix and Devas Multimedia and each time the editor of the news channel mentions this point directly looks into the camera and proudly opens his chest while holding the papers pointing north, which otherwise would be either lying on his desk or usually covers his well pressed coat.

Secondly, despite all the academic excellence and unquestionable career record our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, unlike most of the other politicians who are quite prudent in lying on screen, gives away clues and gets more submissive each time he communicates some things which are just shot from his shoulders. Goes without saying Dr. Manmohan Singh, is surely not comfortable with media or with any mass presentations, and he gets submissive every time he is pushed on the stage or in front of the cameras, and it was no different on the editor’s meet he held on 16th of Feb 2011. While answering the question on A Raja, the prime minister was very candid and showed it in his body language, when he actually spoke about the compulsion he faced because of coalition and contrary to this got defensive while answering questions related to S Band scan of ISRO. Was he defensive because he was trying to hide something or was it because PMO is involved in this scam and Dr. Manmohan Singh can’t be as honest on this issue? That the time will tell but for a keen observer, it is clear that there is more to this story than what is just presented.

Warm Regards


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