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Feedback from May 2011

Corporate Glimpses

We have learnt the lessons on values, integrity, honesty from only you father


pls sand me cont. no.and address

Hi Soubhik,

I would like to know how effective is the fruit from the graviola tree for Blood Cancer. Can you please let me know where I can get this fruit in India?

I am in Pune, Maharashtra.

Thanks, Pankaj,


I think you had given this formula to me long time ago.

இல்லற இன்பம்

very nice. but, now never chance

Let us not make a generalized and sweeping remarks on my countrymen; human nature being what it is there are more and more such people in Japan, US and Britain. It is unfortunate indeed.

ஒரு அன்னையின் கனவு

its realy nice. it is dream of many fathers.

கடி கடி Jokes


Beautiful India

ya fantastice, i am so happy with this photoes & information

amezing photo graphy. pl.send more photos, thank you

zabardast marvalous ek dam zkkas

hi dear, its really a great collection. I am really impress. thanks dear

The houses/and empires that A.Raja built

accha ghar i like

Guide for Seniors

It is a brilliant creation by S. Ramachandran. A great motive force for mortals like me who dread the effects of aging on the wrong side of 60! Hats off to the astute & wise writer.A must to read prescription for all. Very Important Tips

It very usefull to my life today onwards i folow this tips

hink Different.. Really Interesting

Its really great tips. Keep it up. Add a facebook like buttons to connect to you.

Ranjeet Singh,


best friend,

Chak De v/s Lagaan- Leadership Lessons

Hi.. this promises to be an amazing treasure trove. Keen to connect. regards, Gitesh

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