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Dealing with Insult and Anger

Courtesy: Hari Nair, trainers forum


The Buddha explained how to handle insult and maintain compassion.

One day Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came up and began insulting and abusing him. "You have no right teaching others," he shouted. "You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake."

Buddha was not upset by these insults. Instead he asked the young man "Tell me, if you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, whom does the gift belongs to?"

The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question and answered, "It would belong to me, because I bought the gift."

The Buddha smiled and said, "That is correct. And it is exactly the same with your anger. If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted nor accept the abuses, then the anger falls back on you and the abuses remain with you. You are then the only one who becomes unhappy, not me. All you have done is hurt yourself."

"If you want to stop hurting yourself, you must get rid of your anger and become loving instead. When you hate others, you yourself become unhappy. But when you love others, everyone is happy."

The young man listened closely to these wise words of the Buddha. "You are right, O Enlightened One," he said. "Please teach me the path of love. I wish to become your follower."

The Buddha answered kindly, "Of course. I teach anyone who truly wants to learn. Come with me." PONDER OVER THESE...

If you are right, then there is no need to get angry and if you are wrong, then you don't have any right to get angry.

Patience with family is love.
Patience with others is respect.
Patience with self is confidence.
Patience with GOD is faith.

Never think hard about PAST, it brings tears.
Don't think more about future, it brings fears.
Live this moment with a smile, it brings cheers!

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better,
Every problem comes to makes us or breaks us,
Choice is ours whether we become victim or victorious!

Search a beautiful heart not a beautiful face.
Beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful.

Remember me like pressed flower in your notebook. It may not be having any fragrance, but will remind you of my existence forever in your life.

Do you know, why God created gaps between fingers? So that someone who is special to you, comes and fills those gaps by holding your hands forever.

Thought for the Day

Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open. -

Hari Nair
People Passionate Person & A HR Professional

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