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some thoughts

Courtesy: P.K. Trainers forum

some snippets from conversations

"Remind yourself that the greatest technique for bringing peace into your life is to always choose being kind when you have a choice between being right or being kind. This is the single most effective method I know for having a sense of peace. And you have that choice in all your interactions."

PK: Agree; yet it is so difficult to control the vehemence in our bellies that screams to be let out when we know we have been wronged and can prove it. Or at least shout about it.

We are for all to see the virtuous ones and we shall leave no stone unturned to prove it; even if we have to ram it down their throat!

My experience with this situation has been that once somebody else is in the wrong, he knows it well in his heart but cannot own it for his ego is larger than him. But this little aspect can be used against him like a judo move. It was made clear to us by our judo master in the Ashram at Pondicherry. I have used many techniques; I would prefer to use the word "response" in dealing with the situation. 1) When I am wrong or a mistake is such that it is difficult to explain away or know fully that there is no way I can calmly discuss it with the other guy, I run like hell. 2) When the other is wrong I wish to break all relationship with him and wish to use this occasion that he has provided, I just tock him off and walk off. 3) Where I feel that what has been done is because he is simply not upto the mark and did not know better, I take the kindness stance and laugh it off and psychologically make him my associate who would feel grateful for always.

As for wives:

Wives are not human and nothing general about them. Every wife has to be discussed separately. The moment a woman marries, she shifts from sweetheart/delicate woman "entity" to the simple philosophy of "Be reasonable: do it my way". When there are no options, what is there to discuss? It is her way or out of the door! So I take my pill and shut up. And I can tell you, every time I have tried (in my personal opinion only) to raise wife's consciousness to a more mature level, I have come crashing down. Now my bum and back hurt so much. I'm better off to leave it to The Lord to take care of it all.

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari

Let us look through the Happy Lens at life.

Carl Elderton?!

I'd rather look at life as it is and change the things that are wrong.

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari

That is absolutely the perfect attitude Carl. This message is for people who put on glasses made of prejudices and project their mishappenings into their judgements; as end result they are making themselves suffer. On the other end of the spectrum are those who drink too much Cognac and always see things in "Rose" as we say in French.

It is best that our thoughts show maturitising as our body shows ageing. Our activities have to change by force of the body's limitations. The view also changes. An old rickety man with a beer belly can hardly match the visual of a life guard on the beach front for instance nor can he match him in a race to save a life.

The principal thing in this line of thought is that we must learn to withdraw. This is the operative word: Withdraw. By 70 it should be total - limited to only one's personal tastes and preferences, leaving the world to its own peccadilloes.

Ask your Soul. It represents and is God in you. Playing with words will lead to nowhere. It is a waste of good time given to us on this earth. Better put in realising our Truth whatever we feel it is.

No doubt if there is a sincere question there is always an answer which comes to you - never know from where. But if you read my comment you will see I am not denigrating anything or anybody. Not asking anyone to follow the path of talking or exchanging or otherwise. Just asking not to waste time in proving a point or points; we have very limited time given to us. Just remember that.

Thanks and Regards

PK (Pradeep Kr Maheshwari)-

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