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CRANKY Be​haviour by CEOs
Interestin​g story of Indian Bank Chairman

Courtesy: Rajendra Deshpande, Trainers forum

Hi all!

Recently an interesting news item titled "Locked out of car, Indian Bank CMD slams doors on Regional head" appeared in Indian Express. Pl read the link.


The incident is like this:

When Mr Bhasin, the present Chairman of Indian Bank visited Mumbai, Zonal Manager (General Manager cadre) Mr Panda came to receive him at the Airport. While the driver was boarding the luggages of the Chairman in the car, by mistake the door got locked with the car key remaining in the dashboard. Hence, Chairman could not board the car.

In the process, the Chairman had to wait at the Airport for 20 minutes, till another car was arranged. The Chairman got angry and immediately, he suspended the General Manager Mr Panda for not providing 'basic courtesy to the Chairman'. Mumbai media carried this story on the next day. Embarrassed Chairman, reinstated the General Manager immediately and shifted him to the Head Office at Chennai.

Even after reinstatement, the Chairman could not recover from his waiting incident for '20 minutes' at airport. He ordered further investigation into the matter, so that he could punish the General Manager for any reason.

This has sent a shock wave among all the banks. They are not able to understand reasons for the behaviour of the Chairman Mr Bhasin. They could not understand whether it is 'arrogance of power' or 'sadism'?

While, I was reading this news item, I recalled an incident relating to Dr Abdul Kalam. I am a witness for the following incident.

Dr Abdul Kalam is an alumnus of Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) at Chromepet, Chennai. In early 2000, when he was the scientific advisor to Prime Minister (Cabinet Minister rank at that time), he was to address the Golden Jubilee function of MIT. Even at that time, he was in Z category security.

Dr Kalam was travelling in the car on GT Road. MIT campus was on the other side of the road. He had to cross the railway level crossing. Just couple of minutes before he reached the level crossing, the gates were closed. Railway officials informed the security police that it would take minimum 30 minutes to open the gates.

Since, dr kalam was in Z security, the police did not want him to wait in the gate for a long time. They were exploring the possibility of opening the railway gate, after stopping the trains at the stations. Dr Kalam did not approve this. There was one foot over bridge connecting both sides of the road across the railway track. He requested over mobile the Director of MIT to send one car to the other side of the foot over bridge. He simply walked on the foot over bridge along with his security officials and also along with other railway passengers to reach the other side within minutes. Another car picked him up on the other side and he attended the function in time.

I was just imagining, if Mr Bhasin was in the place of Dr Kalam at the railway gate, what would have happened? I could not imagine, how many officials would have been suspended or dismissed for not showing 'basic courtesy to him'.

From the above incident, I want the members to share their views in the forum. I am also endorsing a copy to Mr Bhasin. If he has anything to say, we will publish in the forum. You may also send your views to Mr Bhasin by marking a copy to him.

1. Why some of the officials, when they reach top positions, are not able to balance their attitude? Why suddenly, power and position goes into their mind and disrespect human values? Why they do not realise, such power and positions are only temporary till they hold the position?

2. Mr Bhasin has another 5 to 6 years of service ahead in the banking, as Chairman or any other higher position. How his colleagues will respect him during the rest of his tenure either in this bank or anywhere? Having reached higher position, why such persons do not think in a long term?

3. Is there any fault in the system of appointing such people to higher positions in PSUs without proper human attitude? There may be hundreds of such Bhasins both in private and public sector. Many such incidents would not have come to light. Should RBI / Government organise any counselling sessions for those who assume top positions for the first time? We are also endorsing to RBI, so that they can help such Chairmen to acquire human values by proper conselling.

We are putting the issue for debate, as this involves good HR and respecting human values.

Please share your views, under copy to Mr Bhasin. Meanwhile, if we receive any response from Mr Bhasin, we will share in the forum.

Srinivasan, Prime Point.

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