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Broccoli Nutritiona​l Benefits For A Healthy Body


Broccoli Nutritional Benefits For A Healthy Body

Broccoli is regarded as one of the super foods with extreme nutritional benefits. The dark green vegetable belongs to brassica family which also include cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Broccoli can be be eaten raw or cooked but steamed one is the best way to consume it and enjoy its nutritional benefits too.

Broccoli consists of iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, chromium, vitamin A and C which makes it a nutritional vegetable. Apart from these, it also contains phytochemicals and antioxidants which fights against illness and body infections. Some nutritional benefits of Broccoli are:

* Broccoli is rich in vitamin C which is a great nutrient to maintain proper functioning of the immune system.

* Broccoli is an excellent source of chromium which controls diabetes and regulates insulin production in the body.

* According to researchers, Beta-carotine in broccoli protect the eyes macular degeneration and prevents cataract.

* It is believed that the compound sulforaphane in broccoli can reduce skin damage and inflammation which is caused by UV radiation.

* Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc in the broccoli helps in maitaining strong bones and strenthen them. Therefore, it is a nice agent of staying fit for elders and pregnant women as these people are more prone to osteoporosis.

* Broccoli protects the body from ailments like anemia and alzheimer due to its high content of iron and folate.

* Regular consumption of broccoli helps pregnant women. It is a good source of folate which helps prevent neurological defects in the fetus such as spina bifida.

* A diet rich in broccoli can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer like breast cancer, lung and colon cancer. Due to its phytochemicals, it is an anti-cancer nutritional vegetable.

* It is rich in cholesterol reducing fiber, chromium and potassium which can lower the cholesterol level and control blood pressure.

* Carotenoid lutein in broccoli prevents the arteries of the heart to thicken thus reducing the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.

Therefore, broccoli has numerous health and nutritional benefits and is a healthy diet food for people who want to lose weight as it contains very low calorie. So, next time when you go to buy vegetables, don't forget to stop in the broccoli section and grab a few for your good health.

Thanks oneindia

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